Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hookers for the Handicapped.

Sex sells. Some people make a career out of selling sex one act at a time. Among these people, doing god's work, are those who specialize in one thing or another. A few of them are specializing in servicing the handicapped.

The term "handicapped" is a rather loose term. When used here are they just referring to cripples and the wheelchair bound, or do they also mean the mentally handicapped? Is it all unlucky solders, or is it also an adult version of the kid with the helmet we all knew? Do they really take any handicapped? Are people in "iron lungs" welcome? 

What leads a hooker, whore, or prostitute to specialize in the handicapped? Is it just that "no" really does mean "no" when your client is in a wheelchair? Are handicapped people just a lot less work to get off? Or does the fixed income of the disabled make them a reliable "John"? It really must be nice to know they worked you into their limited budget.

Do cops have special sting operations just to find the handicapped that are soliciting sex? If they do, do the handicapped go in the same holding cells as everyone else? Or does a special holding cell exist with a handrail around the perimeter? Do they put a wheelchair bound man in handcuffs, or do they have a "Denver boot" for the wheelchair?

Does the reverse of this exist? Are there wheelchair bound whores, for dudes in to that? Are there in fact dudes into something like that? Do they call themselves "Handi-whores"?

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Even More Fun With Counterfeit Money.

Counterfeit money is something everyone encounters every now and then. It doesn't matter how you came across it. It is in your possession, and you need to do something with it. The "right" thing to do is turn it over to the police, or perhaps just to destroy it. However, it seems there are other promising options available for your fake money.

Take it down to the church of your choice and put it in the collection plate. It doesn't need to be your own church. You might be a Catholic and want to teach the Lutherans down the street a lesson. Or maybe you just want to screw over the Scientology center for harassing you a bit too much. No matter what church you take it too, you can still write it off on your taxes. Don't feel bad about it, they sell false hope at churches, so why not pay for it in false money?

Give it too people that are looking to make change. "Hey man, got change for a twenty?", "Why yes I do". Admittedly this only works if you have small bills that have been counterfeited, and a lot of them. Of course you could do the reverse of this, stand out side a 7/11 looking to break a 50 or 100 because most of them won't take large bills.

Take it down to a "swap meet". A "swap meet" is a wonderful place where people sell stolen and knock-off merchandise off of blankets and tables. As almost everything is already stolen, it seem like the perfect place to spend a few counterfeit dollars. This way if what you bought doesn't work, you aren't really out anything.

Just a few ideas. You should of course do the "right" thing. Even if it is not the funny option.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Resent News Items.

These are just my reactions to some resent, and somewhat resent, news items.

Zimmerman got off. Not much of a surprise. If not for the media coverage it likely would of not gone to trial. There is a lot of emotional arguments for why he should of been found guilty, but the law is about the facts not about the emotion surrounding them. Was justice done, don't know, we have a "legal system", not a "justice system".

Kim Kardashian had a baby. Why is this treated as news? Also, why isn't the baby named "Kunt"? Anyone want to take bets on what age this child will enter rehab the first time? Wonder which parent it will take after, the media whore of marginal talent, or the media whore of no talent.

The Steam Summer Sale is on. I am a man of no faith, I am not a patriot, nor do I possess a strong connection to family or any group of people. So when Steam has a sale it is like Christmas, Thanksgiving, the fourth of July, Saints Patrick's day, and Easter, all rolled together. You might not get it, but at least it isn't forced on you like some other holidays I could name.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ideas Vol. 7 Laws Edition

Here in the USA we live in a land of laws. There exist laws and ordinances for virtually every facet of life. However, it seem that some of these legal concepts are a bit one sided, and should be balanced just a little better.  Here are just a few ideas along this line of thought.

1. Drunk Driving.

Not everyone reacts to alcohol the same way. Yet, everyone is held to the standard of ".08". So, how about a test to determine what the limit for each individual would be. Lightweights might be unsafe to drive after only one beer; whereas some people might be alright to drive after chugging a 5th. Then on each person's license it would have a mark to denote where the limit was for that individual. This wouldn't be permanent, as the drunk testing would be done each time the license came up for renewal.

2. Taxing Churches.

Every business and individual pays taxes. That is all but one, the business of selling faith pays no tax. It is time they anted up. Churches take in billions of dollars, and it is all tax free. This should stop. Not just for the revenue it would generate, but also because churches hold sway over how their members will vote. If churches want a say in politics, then they should pay just like everyone else.

A piggy bank long overdue to be emptied.

3. Having children.

In some parts of the US in order to have an abortion, a woman must watch an abortion being preformed. While the merits of this are highly debatable, it is the way it is some places. That being said, turn about about is fair play. So in order to go ahead and give birth a mother should have to sit in a restaurant and eat a meal surrounded by screaming, crying, and hyper children. This would lead to a lot less children being birthed. Why should we act like giving birth is any better than terminating a birth? Both are fine options, and should be treated equally.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Final Fantasy Summation.

A video I made about the Final Fantasy series. It is short and to the point, so it is completely unlike the average Final Fantasy game.