Friday, October 28, 2011

Group Dynamics.

In all groups of people there are certain dynamics that take place. Depending on what type of group certain types of people will always exist within them. While each group will vary somewhat, but so long as there are three or more people certain dynamics are in play.

In a group of men there will at the very least be three people in play. There will be the dumb guy, he may not be generally dumb, he is just not at quick as the others. The dumb one is slow with comebacks, and might not be the best at arguing a point.  Next we have the wimpy dude, he avoid confrontation at all costs, and has no opinions of his own. The wimp is in the group mainly because he needs somewhere to get his opinions from, and to have people to help him move heavy things he is to weak to move himself. The third man is the lazy man, never awake before noon, never to be relied on for anything. The lazy man is usually an expert on some area of useless information, and makes others feel better for being more motivated. These three are the most basic members of a male group. Larger groups will add more, like the driver, the fat guy, and the guy that everyone wonders why they are friends with.

Female groups also have their stock characters. In a group of women you will find: an "ugly" one, a "pretty" one, and a "bitchy" one. All of these terms are in quotes because they are very relative terms. The "ugly" girl is just less attractive than the others,  in a group of 10s she might be an 8, while and 8 is still attractive it is not as good as 10. Same applies to the "pretty" one, every one else is a 7, she is an 8, you get the point. Now the "bitch" is just the one that is generally hostile to those not in the group, she might be nice to others in the group, but if you are an outsider, or a man she simple doesn't like, watch out. Larger groups will also have: eating disorder girl (either to fat or to thin), tomboy, crazy chick, and everyone's favorite the easy chick.

Keep in mind one person might fill two roles within the group. You might have the a guy that is both the dumb guy, and the wimpy guy. No terms are necessarily a put down, sometimes the dumb guy is the leader of a group. Remember, you think your group doesn't have a certain member, it is likely you are that member.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Two Groups that MUST go.

This is some thoughts on two groups of people. I mean no harm to anyone.

Bicycle riders on major streets. They need to find a bike trail, or it needs to be made legal to run these people over. They need to take there silly outfits, and smug attitudes, and get off the main streets. They aren't going anywhere, they just want others to see them exercising. It is pretentious exhibitionist bullshit. I would wish cancer on them, but then they might morph into the next group.

People that need to let you know what is wrong with them entirely too much. You might be sick, and that is sad, but don't bring it up for no reason. Once upon a time I worked at a big retail store, and there was a customer that had "brain cancer". I know she had "brain cancer", because when she was in the store every thing she said was prefixed with "Excuse me, I have brain cancer, and...", and when helping her, she would mention it 400 more times. It is sad she had cancer, but after talking to her, everyone I worked with agreed it wasn't killing her fast enough. If you are dieing, keep it just a little closer to the chest.

Thanks for reading today.  If you ride a bike on a major street because you lack a car, that is cool, and I bare no malice toward you. If you have cancer, I am sorry, just don't bring it up in every conversation.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Terms of Insult.

The language in this post might put some people off. Consider yourself warned.

There are some terms that are used as insults that need to be either defined, or perhaps redefined. There is a line between terms used to show disapproval, versus terms that show a lack of respect. Not all insults are equal, there exists levels. Some are situational, some are universal. But lets be honest, all are great fun when used right.

"Asshole" is one we hear a lot. This one is used so much, and is so descriptive of so many, that it has lost all impact. In fact "asshole' is practically interchangeable with "person". While true that not all people are deserving of the title of "asshole", at the bare minimum 997 out of 1000 are. Man, woman, or other, the term "asshole" has lost all bite.

Now to talk about terms for women. "Bitch" is one that comes out when someone is mad at a women, you might disapprove, but generally there is still some measure of respect. "Cunt" on the other hand shows that you have lost all respect for the woman in question. Your boss might be a "bitch", but the girlfriend that cheated on you is a "cunt". No offense intended to any lady reader I might have.

"Bastard" and "douche bag" work for men about like "bitch" and "cunt" do for women. While "bastard" did once held meaning referring to children of unmarried couples, that use has fallen almost completely into disuse. "Douche bag" (often shortened to "douche") is an ironic insult, as it is an item that literally cleans vagina. However, when a man is a "douche" he is getting no where near any vagina.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Media Formats.

Over the years there have been many formats for music, movies, and games. Every few years a new format comes out, and people begin to get things they already have have copies of, but in the new format. This has happened with vinyl records giving way to cassette, and later cassette to compact disk. Today we see people do this with Blu-ray copies of moves to replace DVD copies.

While DVDs replaced VHS, they offered more than just the movie. A DVD gave you many special feature, with deleted scenes, commentary tracks, and so forth, things a VHS could never offer. Blu-ray is now replacing DVD, but other than a better resolution doesn't give much more. While a Blu-ray is great for a new movie shot in high definition, what is gained for an old movie? Does "The Godfather" get better with resolution, doubtful, or does a Saturday Night Live movie get any less shitty with resolution, also doubtful.

When the CD replaced cassette the CD offered better sound, and was in someways more durable. That is how a format change should happen, there should be a clear advantage for switching over.  Today we seem to embrace change for the sake of change. A better resolution image is great, but is it really enough reason to buy something you had on DVD?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween is coming.

Halloween is the only good holiday. It is the only holiday that doesn't involve large amounts of bullshit. Sadly however, it seems to be on the decline in resent years.

Halloween is great because of all the things you don't have to do. No gifts to buy, no bad meal to choke down, no family you hate anyway, no grand display of affection, no annoying false patriotism. While being a holiday, it shares in none of the worst parts that other holidays have. No one ever gets suicidal on Halloween, unlike some other holidays that could be named.

What Halloween does have is simple: candy, costumes, and Satan. Who doesn't love candy? Who doesn't think a costume one day out of the year could be fun? There is no Satan involved really, we just barrow some of his style for the holiday. It is a holiday without an ulterior motive.

Halloween is about fun, only holiday you can say that about. Christmas is about greed. Thanksgiving is about gluttony. Valentines is about lust.  Halloween is just a good time, with some candy, and a bit of dress up. Shame that it seems to get smaller every year.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Reality TV.

I know it has been here for at least 10 years, but I still hate both the concept and execution of reality television. I know why it stay around, it costs very little to produce, and gets a decent number of viewers. However, it is not real, it is made to seem more than it is. It is not all the same, it comes in a few flavors, but all of them are equally exaggerated through editing and other tricks.

The many forms of reality television all are base around the idea that people love to see others do embarrassing things. It can be a washed up celebrity being follow around, or a someone that can't sing, or a man yelling at the owners of business, a group of spoiled bitchy people and their lives, and many other equally intellectually void forms, shapes, and flavors. All of them based on embarrassment, shame, and spectacle of how people can really be this blind to what is really happening.

Disgusting as I find it all, I see that is does make money. So here are a few ideas of my own for the reality television producers:

1. Russian Roulette with the "Stars". We take the lowest tier celebrities, and whichever survives the game gets a 3 picture deal to try and raise their falling stardom.

2. Blind and Deaf on a minefield. This needs no explanation.

3. Who wants to be seen as a douche bag for the rest of their life? This is really what all of it boils down to.