Sunday, April 18, 2021

Dealing with Samsung.

Last July I bought a 43" 4k Samsung TV. It Broke in February. Did not even last a whole year. Dealing with Samsung in regards to this was an overall terrible experience.

So, early in February. the TV gets a horizontal row of dead pixels. I call Samsung, and they say a third party repair service will contact me, that never happens. On top of that, while waiting the screen goes out completely. Call Samsung back and they inform me that I was contacted (again, I wasn't) and that they are scheduled for two days from now between 9am and 4pm. Well, that is a ridiculous window of time. 

The thrid party repair company can't fix it. However, they think they can with parts that they need to order, will come back the following Monday between 9am and noon (at least the window was much smaller). They show up still in the 9 o'clock hour, and quickly find that no, it is still repairable. They say, that Samsung will contact me within the week as to what the next step in the process is. The week goes by, and a second week, and finally on the Monday of the third week I call Samsung again. 

Samsung tells me the repairmen still need to come one more time, and they will contact me. So not wanting to waste more time, I call the repairmen, they tell me "no, Samsung only has us come twice". The next day I call Samsung again, and am put on hold for just over two hours. 

After holding, I finally get somewhere. I am told I will receive an email telling me what to do, they will include a form to fill out, and a place to upload pictures of the TV and of the model number sticker that must be removed from the TV. Once the forms and pictures are submitted they will come collect the TV and I will be compensated. This will lead to me getting a voucher for 330$ in the Samsung store. I am a bit disappointed in that, but given how long this has already taken, I am happy that will get anything.

While waiting, I remove the sticker and take the pictures. What I get the form it says in bold red letters to not remove the sticker. At this point i am livid, as I think I have been lied to about the process. I fill out the form, but don't send the pictures yet, I am debating finding a lawyer. For the first time I get a call from Samsung, they "need the picture of the TV and of the sticker removed", I point out that the form I received said in bold red text not to remove the sticker, they tell me that only applies to TVs over 65". So I send the pictures. They say the TV will be picked up within the week, and a week later I will get a check. I was surprised by the check comment, but glad, and wondered if it was true.

Two weeks go by, they never contact me about picking up the TV, but I do actually receive a check, it is only for 319$, but it is still better than a voucher. I cashed it. Was glad to have real money. Still, I am waiting for the TV to be taken. 

 After a few more days I called Samsung. I am told they don't take TVs of this size. I ask why I was repeated told they would, he claims such a thing was never told to me. He then puts me on hold, claiming he needs some more information. He gets back just to tell me we are done, and is very rude about it. 

I used to like Samsung, was the second TV I had bought from them. Third if you count the computer monitor I use. I also have used several Samsung phones that have been reliable. However, after this experience I am hesitant to ever buy Samsung products again.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

Mayflash F300

 So, I got a package in the mail containing a Mayflash F300. I didn't order it. It was addressed to me, but it had no explanation with it. Nor did I receive an e-mail explaining it. I am happy to receive free stuff, It is just a little weird to have it happen. I know that I don't have anywhere near enough eyes on me to make it worth sending me anything, still nice to have it happen. 

 So, I used this arcade stick for a bit, tested it with various consoles. and computers I have. Then I made a video about the experience. 



Over all, I would say it is a good product. Would consider buying other Mayflash products.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Need more subs.

 I am trying to get more subscribers on my youtube channel. I have no idea how to get them. Suggestions welcome.

There is the channel. Please help. Thank you.