Monday, July 25, 2011

Drunk Driving.

Sometimes it is the only way to get your car back to your home. If you leave the car in the bar parking lot, it will be towed. So you can either drive it, or pay a massive impound fee. It  might sound bad, but honestly who else is on the street at 2am? You are only a risk too yourself, and other drunk drivers. Yes, if you get pulled over you risk a DUI, but a chance of a DUI is better than definite impound fee.

Yeah, every so often a family might get hit, but really all that means is fewer children screaming in restaurants, and really that is something we can all enjoy. Also, who are these people driving around at night with there children? I submit to you they are overwhelmed parents looking for a way out. Drunk drivers are just the tool they chose to use, like a much lazier version of "suicide by cop".

Also, there is something worse than drunk driving, it is driving while an asshole.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tired of Casey Anthony.

She got off. Why the hell is she still in the news? Does anyone care? Well yes, women care for some reason, at least women with children. They only care because it makes them feel better about themselves.

Casey Anthony is a an attractive woman that is also completely insane, not exactly a new combination. Trial is over, can we please stop acting like anything about her is news. Can we stop with the attention, at least till the Lifetime movie about her comes out in 6 months, or until the ghostwritten book comes out in a few weeks. You know they are coming.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Movie Ideas.

Just some thoughts on movies that likely haven't been made yet.

1. A zombie movie staring a necrophiliac. How would a necrophiliac feel about the undead? They like their partners dead, but what about undead? It shocks me that we haven't seen a zombie chained up for some sex at some point. Seems like this situation would have to come up in such a world.

2. A romantic comedy that is actually funny.Or that is a honest look at "romance".

3. A movie where someone comes back to the town they hated and couldn't wait to leave in there youth, and they still hate it when they come back later in life. Better still, what if it seemed even worse after all the years had past? Most things don't get better with age.

4.  An accurate history epic. Show us how it really was, not the white wash that we want to see. 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Opinions that seems to piss people off.

These are just somethings that I have said at various times that seems to really get people going. These are all honest opinions. None of them alone really deserve a blog all about them. Enjoy.

1. "Inception" was an average heist movie with some fancy dressing around it. Not a bad movie, just not a great one either.

2. If you don't question what you are told, you are already dead.

3. Morality is just a very large gray area.

4. "Final Fantasy 7" is a weak entry in the series.

5. "Citizen Kane" is overrated. Don't get me wrong, it is a great film. However, it is not the greatest ever made.

6. We do to much to protect the stupid.

That is enough for now. There is a lot more. Sorry for the light post.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Making Sports more interesting,

I am not a fan of sports. To be honest I find them to be boring. However, there are a few things that could be done to make any sport more entertaining to watch.

First thing every sport needs is mandatory steroid injections. Bigger player, with more aggression, the kind of aggression that wold lead to much violence and injuries on the field. In rare cases players of any game might get worked up enough to kill one another. Imagine placing a bet on which player will lose control next, and take out a few members of the team. This could help any sport, and would equal a much high entertainment value overall.

Now some things would help one sport but not another. Baseball is by far the least entertaining sport to watch. The solution to this problem  is easy, one in every 50 balls will actually be a high explosive set-off by impact. Just think, the windup, and the pitch, and then BOOM. Sure the players would be risking death, but they would finally have a reason for their much inflated salaries.

Soccer is a sport no one in the US cares about, and mostly enjoyed by the other parts of this world. The field is what need changed. The game would now be played on a platform, the platform would be the same as a soccer field is now, however under the platform the is a pit of fire and spikes. So at random times and locations during the game the upper platform opens trap doors and if we are lucky some one falls in. Now that would make US give a shit about soccer.

A few other thoughts. Football, release rabid animals on the field every few plays. MMA, give them knives.