Sunday, October 24, 2021

Gaming Woe.

 Do I am a gamer. Lately, it isn't going great. Trouble finding old games. Trouble finding the right controller for newer systems. When did gaming become such a pain in the ass?

Been trying to find some PSP (Playstation Portable) games I missed at the time. This has two problems. First finding a shop that still sells them at all. Second, the prices they want are getting ridiculous. One game I was trying for was Persona 1, the PSP had a remake of it. At one shop the clerk says they had one that sold for 17$ back in August. That price seemed good, just need to wait. Then the clerk says "that if they get another copy it would be 120$". How does the price of a used game go up 100$ in two months?The demand for PSP games cannot of spiked that much. 

Meanwhile I am looking for a joy-con alternative for the Switch. I have the Hori Split Pad Pro, and that great for most handheld mode gaming, but some games require gyro control and they don't have that. With joy-con drift being a thing, I don't want to use them at all. I see many options on Amazon, but I have no real way of knowing which are good, or even really have a gyro for motion control.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Youtube Troubles.

Trying to get subscribers on my youtube. No idea how to go about this. Googling it did not help.

Someone said ,more uploads help. So a while back I started doing two videos a week. Saturdays are for reviews. Tuesday is for everything else. Got a few more, but not nearly enough. 

I dream of getting paid. Not looking to get rich, just would like a trickle of cash. Wouldn't turn down more, but know it isn't realistic. Getting to that 1000 subscriber mark is hard.