Monday, August 31, 2015

Different Gym.

I workout at 24 Hour Fitness six times a week. This week the one I go to is undergoing some kind of construction. So I have to go to another 24 Hour Fitness in the area. It is one that cost more to go to called a "24 Hour Fitness Sport", but I get to go there for no additional money during the construction. It is a... mixed experience.

On the good side it is slightly closer to my home. Having only recently opened, all the equipment is very new. Seems very clean inside, being new it doesn't have that "gym smell" yet. Most of the staff is new and young and look like high priced prostitutes.

Not all of it is good. While the equipment is new, most of it does not clearly mark the amount of weight you are using. Instead of being marked with either pounds or kilograms, the weights are completely unmarked. Most of the equipment is made by a company called "Hoist" it seems, guess they haven't figured out how incremental weights work. Also, it is too bright inside this location. The layout is also different, but that is minor, just takes some getting used to. Also, the staff is rather stuck up.

I really want to get back to my old gym.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Business Idea*

Alright, Amazon sells things really cheap. However, some people can't use it for one reason or another. So someone should help them out.

All someone would need is an Amazon Prime account, so shipping is free. Also, a fairly high limit on the old credit card would help. Now you can order whatever anyone wants. Now you just need to find someone that wants something, order it for them, and charge them the price of the item plus 5-7%. Now they are getting what they want, likely cheaper than could be had elsewhere, and you are making a small profit.

Now one or two transactions like that won't be much money. So you need to go somewhere with lots of people that can't use Amazon normally. Either a bad neighborhood, or a retirement community would be good. Both would have lots of people that ignorant of computers, or don't have the internet, maybe don't have credit cards, or whatever else that might prevent them from shopping online.

So find a place, start taking orders, and then come back the next week with the merchandise. If in a bad neighborhood, get the money upfront. 

*I have never used Amazon. All of this is based of what I have heard about Amazon.

Monday, August 17, 2015


No not this blog, it is staying right here till they make me stop. I however am moving. Writing this in a moving truck. Really need to start writing bank blogs.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Bruce Jenner

Why does anyone give a damn about Bruce Jenner? If it was still the 70's it would make since. Now he is just a plastic looking freak, on a show about a whole family of plastic looking freaks.

Fake family drama is no reason to be famous. This applies to basically everyone that is associated with Bruce at this point. The only way anyone of them should be in the news is if they ALL took part in a mass-suicide. Even then, they are all so plastic they more than likely can no longer decade and rot. 

Caitlyn Jenner is what he calls himself now. Caitlyn might be the only person that is more fake than the Kardashians. He wants to become a woman? Seriously, good for him. Doesn't mean anyone else needs to know about or be involved in it (well... maybe a doctor or two).

The only time we need to ever hear about Bruce Jenner is on a documentary about gold medal winners.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Pulled Muscle

I have pulled a muscle in my left arm and chest. I can barely use my left arm. So nothing this week, as I can just barely type anything.