Sunday, August 25, 2019

Writing Frustration

Trying to write fiction. It is harder than I remember. Perhaps I need to collect my ideas more, outline things a bit.

I used to write a lot of fiction, but then other things got in the way. Did everything free writing back then. Usually worked out pretty well. This isn't working for me now. Could  be that I have gotten a bit rusty, need to shake off the rust.

Frustration is definitely setting in. However, I can't allow this to defeat me.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Saturday, August 10, 2019

The "I don't care guy".

Ever meet the guy that is constantly shouting, how they don't care, and don't value what people have to say? It seems like for someone that "doesn't care", they spend a lot of time trying to convince others of that fact. It's almost like they care. Mostly because they do, and their insecurities are forcing them too.

You encounter this more with young people. Tend to be people that are adults, but only in a legal sense. They tend to come from bad situations, and their fake apathy is something they cling on to cope. With time they grow out it, or they end it all. Ending it all, is of course the ultimate expression of caring way too much.

You might ask why I am thinking about this. A fair question, I don't really know. It might be that I have not encountered one lately, almost like I am too old to have people young enough for this behavior around me. Feels good.