Monday, February 22, 2016


Bad gout is making it very hard to write anything or make videos.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Nintendo won't help.

I need some repairs done to a Game Boy Color. Called up Nintendo, they will not help me. Called up various console repair places, they won't help either.

As long time readers will know, I am video game fan. Console, PC, handheld, it doesn't matter, I love it all. I prefer to play things on the original hardware whenever possible. Which is why I am still using my Game Boy Color.

Recently the "start" button started getting a bit less than reliable. It is to be expected after nearly 20 years, not angry about it. However, I am angry that Nintendo will not repair the problem. Further angry that you cannot back order a new system altogether. I would be happy to pay for either, but they will get me neither.

When I called Nintendo they told me "You should just upgrade to one of our new systems". I have 3ds, and I am very happy with it, but it doesn't fit old Game Boy Carts. Sure, a few games can be re-bought on Virtual Console, but I have a huge collection and would like to keep playing it.