Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pretentious Douchedags

There seems to be an epidemic of pretentious douchebaggery in the world today. It takes many forms. Doesn't matter the area of interest, the level of society, or part of the world you are in, you will find a pretentious douchebag to ruin your day.

The "independent" douche.They think that something is better because fewer people have been exposed to it. This is simply not true. An independent movie/band/game is just like a mainstream release. Meaning 10% of them are great, 10% of them are shit, and 80% are somewhere in the middle. This rule holds true for everything in the field of entertainment.

People reading the bible in public, or saying grace in restuarants. You are in a Burger King, this is not an appropriate setting for anything like what you are doing here. What you are doing here is the sin of pride, and I thought you people were against that kind of thing. How does hypocrisy feel? Keep it in your home and in your church.

Gamers that make a huge deal out of using roman numerals when referring to sequels. It doesn't matter if that is how it looked on the packaging. 8 vs VIII is just about saving time when typing it out. If you want to make a big deal out of a problem in gaming culture; how about making hygiene a bigger priority when in public?

"I don't own a TV". So you spend all your time alone masturbating? Does this cause a lot of chafing and soreness? What is your lube budget? Has not having a TV ever got you laid or made you money? No? Didn't think so.

Anyone on an extreme politically. Right wing, left wing, it doesn't matter one damn bit. Either way they need to calm down, learn a little more history, and realize the world is too complicated simple extremes. Somewhere out there exist the cures for all the worlds ills. None of these cures will be found anywhere near an extremist stance. Likely that such cures won't be found anywhere in politics at all.

So yeah, douches are everywhere. Perhaps we could have an open season on them. Or we could start shaming the pretentious. Perhaps, and this is a radical idea, we could all collectively pull our heads out of our asses.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Gym Goers.

The gym can be a great place to go. Do some cardio, lift some weights or do some weight machines. However, the gym seems to be a hot spot for a lot of people to go that really have no interest in working out. These varied groups people come to the gym for many reasons, to be seen, to fish for compliments, to find partners, to fit in, etc. The point being that none of these people are really there purely to workout, or for health reasons.

The most annoying group are the short men with inferiority complexes. They are short, and they are overcompensating for their lack of height with obsessive devotion to muscle tone and an aggressive persona. These guys are usually just standing around looking for an excuse to start a confrontation. Of course none of this will make them any taller, or hide the fact that they mostly shop out of the children's section. However, to be fair, they are actually doing some exercises between (and sometimes as part of) all their overcompensating. So they have a legitimate reason to be at the gym.

Next we have a group of women. Older women with to much plastic surgery. They are at the gym to collect compliments on how good they look. Ironically nothing about their looks has anything to do with going to the gym or a regular workout.  They have facelifts, fake tits, liposuction, and clothing that was meant for a women at least half their age. Do they look good for their age? Yeah, but they should after 100k spent with a plastic surgeon. What they really want is for people to think they are much younger than they really are, but that never really happens. No matter how tight the skin on your face is, or how perky your tits might be, your skin and hands will always give your age away every time. 50 year old skin will always look 50 no matter how tight it is, or how much silicone you get underneath it. 

Then there are the steroid enthusiasts. These are mostly men. They have bulging muscles, bacne, and shrunken testicles. They are at the gym every chance they can get. They might go to the gym more than once a day, that is if they ever leave it at all. Much like the first group, they are legitimately getting a workout, they are just taking it to an unhealthy extreme.

There are other groups at gyms. Maybe we will talk about them some other time.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Very bad week.

Sorry, but I have nothing for you this week.

This week has seen major plumbing problems in my home. Not just one. Two separate major plumbing issues. On top of that, my garage has been taken over by a colony of bees which are potentially dangerous. This means I can not do laundry in my home, because the washing machine and dryer are in the garage.

I am very sorry for the lack of content this week. Next week we will be back with our usual stuff. If time allows I will try to have something up later this week to make up for the lack of a regular post this week. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013


These are just a few question that don't seem to have answers. Maybe you have some answers. These will be numbered for that purpose.

1. Is it wrong to use "Blow the rape whistle" as a double entendre?

2. What is it the Kardashians are famous for exactly?

3. "Fuck, Marry, Kill", why can't it be all three?

4. So what is the proof that Jesus actually existed?

5. Ayn Rand was really a dude right?

6. Why do we need to save the whales?

7. When will people finally turn on Blizzard?

8. How does Denny's stay in business?

9. Is it just me or does the current pope seem a little atheistic?

10. Is it the tuna or the dolphin that makes "tuna" so tasty?

11. Why it is called a "Denver boot"?

12. How the hell is Adam Sandler keep making money?

13. Will there ever be a good Lovecraft based movie?

14. If the early bird gets the worm, then shouldn't the worm sleep in?

15. Warm beer.... WHY?????

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Bank

Banks used to be very different places than they are today. Once they were nice, classy, places you went to manage your money and get help concerning your money. Today they are a rather bad experience. This is due to several factors.

First, there is the service. The problem being that they do not want to give you any service. Tellers at the bank don't want to help, they would rather inform you that "You know, you can do this online". While it is true that most things banking related can be done online, you are already at the bank when you are told this. Clearly you had a reason to come it. Also, if no one ever came in, the teller wouldn't have a job. So isn't pointing out online banking really a bad idea for a teller?

Another sign of bad service is the "greeter". This is someone that says hello, and then tells people that someone else will be right with them. These "greeters" are dead weight. There are times when only one teller window is open, and there is a long line for it, and the greeter just stands there rather than opening another window. What the is the point of paying this person?

"Can we interest you in..." No, no you can't. Might of heard you out had you not made it so clear you would rather I do my banking online. How about next time someone comes in for help you act interested in helping? Then maybe someone will give a damn about your sales pitch.

Maybe Bonnie and Clyde had the right idea about what to do once inside a bank. Seems like if more people did that, the banks might treat their customers a bit better. Just a thought.