Saturday, February 15, 2020

Sekiro, Why?

Above is footage of my beating of the final boss of Sekiro.

I didn't enjoy this game very much. It is not a poorly made game, it is simply not what I am looking for. I went in looking for a souls-like game, and that is not what was on offer.

My biggest problem with the game is that it gives you no real options in how to play. You will always have the same weapon, you have a fairly limited move set, and there is no equipment or stats to play with. So every fight will be tapping two buttons, one that attacks, one that is used for defense. Making for a bland and repetitive experience. This also kills any replay value.

Having a melee centered game is not in itself a problem, Bloodborne was similarly melee focused but game you a wipe option of weapons to choose from all of which made you play differently. While every option was still melee combat, you still had a choices to make, power or speed, and it wasn't a binary choice as there were options that were in various parts of the middle.

A lack of stats and equipment really hold this game back. As the RPG elements of Dark Souls and Bloodborne are what make those games shine. That they are action focused games that still allow for a huge level of customization, and endless option for how to play. What armor works for you, do you use different pieces for different situations? Do you spend all your level ups to get a longer life bar, or do you focus on your attack, or on some other aspect entirely?

Do you like having the same experience over and over again? You can start the game over once you finish it, but it will be the same as before. The bosses will have a few more hit-points, and stronger attacks, but the way you will fight them will be the same, might just take a little longer this time.