Sunday, September 30, 2012

Inappropriate Gifts.

Sometimes you need to make a point. At times the best way to make a point can be with a gift. So lets see.

Have to go to a baby shower? Why not give the expecting mother something she will never forget. A single wire hanger...

Know someone going through a bad break up? There is only one gift to get them. The gift that works like magic to kill pain be it physical, psychological, or emotional. Alcohol.

What if you knew someone down on their luck? Someone without hope. The kind of person that is about to, or already has, given up. There is one thing you can get them that will do far more harm than good...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Plan for the Children.

So many children making unnecessary noise places. Yes, this is not a new topic, but today it is more than complaint. Today there is a plan to deal with and help the children to be presented.

Electroshock collars that are mandatory in public on all children under the age of 13. These collars would do three things. One, it would shock the child for being too loud for too long. Second, it would keep children from misbehaving, the older one picking on the little one, taken care of with a long shock. Thirdly, it would instill fear. Every adult would be given a remote for the collars, so anyone can stop any undesired behavior. Imagine a trip to grocery where all the children are silent, well mannered, and never is a seen made.

Better school. Children need to be better educated. They need to have teachers that don't want to kill themselves. So we need to pay the teacher more, but hold them to a far higher standard. Less time wasted with coloring and bad fiction. More time spent on history, math, philosophy, and fiction that actually teaches a lesson. Philosophy, taught properly, could prevent many issues with children.

A license to breed. Parents are by far the largest influence on a child. People in an abusive relationship having a child will inflict abuse on the child. People that are immature are far more likely to be neglectful toward their children. Parents need not be held to a financial or educational standard, only to standards of maturity, stability, and psychological fitness. Better stock when breeding leads to better children. This is not a matter of race, or a matter of class, only a matter of finding good people to have children.

Allow children to fight to the death. In school some children are picked-on and tormented. This isn't right. So imagine if that little smart mouth that is making fun of a larger child had to face the wrath of the larger child. It would be a small ring, where the smaller and mouthier child couldn't run. All the other children would have to watch this fight. After the picked-on child smashed the face of the other child a few dozen times, they will never be made fun of again, and the other mouthy children will think twice about making-fun of anyone. The fights could only be one on one, and go on till the original victim is satisfied.  It wouldn't be allowed to happen without reason, there would need to a "strike" system in place, an adult witness to the misconduct and/or other such safe guards to prevent a child that simply enjoys violence from taking advantage of the system. This could make school a much better experience for the vast majority of students. Less stress at school would lead to less acting out other places.

These are just a start of what could be a better world. A world that is more polite. Over population, could even be quelled in time. Remember, this is all for the children. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Things I miss.

Just reflecting on somethings that are gone, never to return. So here are a few things I miss. Maybe you miss them too. Maybe you are glad to see them gone. Either way, these things aren't coming back.

TV before "Reality TV". You know when television shows were more than whores trying to turn a complete lack of talent into drama. Sadly it is so cheap to make that it will never go away. No matter how little anyone watches, it makes more than its money back.

Violence in schools. Once upon a time you a student could deal with their fellow students by beating them till they left you the hell alone. Now there is this "zero tolerance" bullshit. This lets mouthy little bastards get away with whatever they want, they never learn a lesson about running their mouths. We need to let children fight, so ever little shit losses their baby teeth by force.

When you could easily tell which women were whores. Now almost every woman dresses like a whore. It is god damn confusing. Sure, it is some nice eye candy, but it is also a tease.

The 16-bit era of gaming. There were so many new ideas, so many directions that one could go with the medium. Gritty and realistic is nice, but I don't want entertainment to always be realistic. It was also nice to see a protagonist that wasn't a militant douche, or a criminal. Also, back then not nearly as many franchises turned to shit.

When the job market was good. Mostly for the money.

The days before everyone had a camera. Cell phones have made it so much hard to get away with various crimes. Its like the deck is stacked against you now.

My own sanity. Like Ozzy said "Of all the things I miss, I miss my mind the most". It is debatable if said it first, but the meaning is what matters. The horrors of reality slowly twist the mind, and a mind can only twist so far before it can stand no more.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

More Pet Peeves.

This is yet another series of major psychotic hatreds that will one day drive me insane.

Morning people. It is the morning, the world is a hideous bitch-goddess right now, and will be till at least noon. If you are smiling in the morning, you need death... both slow and painful. The morning is a cruel, and must be stopped for the good of all humanity.

People that have it bad but are still upbeat. Your world is hell, embrace the negativity. Let the hate for your own existence shape your world view and harm everyone around you.

Chicks that think they are 10s when they are about a 6. You not that hot. Pull the stick out of your ass and grow a personality. Also, you don't look any better than your friends, you are not the pretty one, you might be the bitchiest.

"BBQ" items at fast food places.  Good BBQ takes hour of slow cooking. No fast food place will do that. It is just cheap meat and sauce that is far too sweet.

People under 30 that say "back in the day". There is no back in the day for you, you are in "the day" right now. Back in the day these people were still fetuses, if not a sperm that hadn't yet found an egg (or the other way around if you prefer).

Other people's kids. May they all find dad's gun and have an accident. May they all run into the street after a ball at the exact wrong moment. Unless they are well behaved in public, then they are alright. Haven't seen any kids that were alright in a long time.

Waiters/Waitresses with attitude. Serving food wasn't your first choice. You may go on to something better later. However, right now you are serving food to people and refilling drinks. Don't be an asshole just because it sucks.

Anyone that is under 35 that thinks they found "true love". She is the first cunt on your penis, you are the first guy willing to put up with her level of crazy. This is not love. You will find your other half fucking one of your friend in a month or two. Don't act all broken up when it happens. Don't do the same thing with the next fuck partner you find. Love is a young man's folly, and is a game more suited to a mature man.

People into politics that think they are deep.You are not deep. You are not original. Everything you have to say has been said before. Had one of these douchebags tell me how much there professors thought of them, this just shows the level of immaturity at work. Firstly, any student worth a shit know the opinions of the professor only matter if you are sucking up, secondly no one else cares if they praise you. Grow the fuck up, and see if it is still possible to pull your head out of your ass. 

Morning radio.This is making people dumber.

Optimism.The world is not that great. James Branch Cabell said it best: "The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds; and the pessimist fears this is true."

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Some Random Thoughts and a Review.

Election time is near. Since the last election we learned that having a black guy in office is the same as having a white guy in office, I figured as much, but some people seem surprised by this. The people that are surprised would generally be racists... or "set in there ways" if you want to be politically correct.

Superman sucks. He is a relic form the early days of comics, and need to take some time off. Maybe they could kill him... again... but this time actually mean it. Or they could bring back Bizarro World comics, that would be some interesting PR for the franchise.

Could religious people just shut the fuck up? For that matter could anyone that is really deeply into something just the fuck up? It might be god, it might be politics, it might be a lack of god, it might be a book or movie, whatever it is just stop talking about. Leave other people alone. Keep your shit to yourself. Or if you are really into something, just blow your brains out. I heard someone where that "suicide is painless", test out that idea for us.

Also I made a review. It is a review of the second generation camera for the Sony PSP.