Thursday, December 31, 2020

Well this year sucked.

 We don't need to get into why 2020 sucked, we all know why. 

However, I am going to be making videos again. And they will not suck as much as 2020. Because nothing could suck that much. So stay tuned.

Friday, December 18, 2020

"Alien" Sequel Idea

Alien is a franchise that started in the 70's. It has had two good movies, the first and second. The others aren't without their charm, but don't reach the same standard. My idea for a sequel is far different from what has come before, not a slasher movie in space, nor an action film. 

The movie would primarily take place in a Weyland-Yutani Corporation boardroom. In it we would see an executive laying out how much money and other resources have been wasted trying to get their hands on and research the Xenomorphs. Showing how many spaceships have been lost, how many families of dead crews they have had to pay off, how many research facilities have been destroyed, and importantly how they have nothing to show for all of it. 

It could get into how they initially had military funding for some of this, but they have pulled out for it seeming to be a dry hole.  How when they first started there Xenomorph projects they thought it would quickly yield military and consumer products, but has given nothing useful. How the medical angel mentioned briefly in the second movie has been a complete nonstarter. 

You could even have moments of levity, where other executives bring up various research facilities, only to have it pointed out they they have all been renders destroyed or unusable by the Xenomorphs. 

Perhaps this would be too dry for the average movie goer, but it would be something new and different for an old franchise. 

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Mount Farming

I don't always play World of Warcraft. I played it when it was new, didn't much care for it. Many years passed. Didn't think much about it. Some friends of mine played, and I would hear about it usually rolling my eyes.Then sometime in 2012 a close friend of mine gave me an account with a  fairly large amount of playtime on it. I began to play, and found something in the game that interested me; mount collecting. 

So I saw the end of the Cataclysm expansion, and the beginning of Pandaria. The account ran out of time, and I didn't return till right before the next expansion would hit. This is where my mount collection got much bigger. 

The expansion, Warlords of Draenor, had two things about it that made it very friendly for my hobby. One it was a very friendly expansion for making new characters and getting them to max level. It was also a very easy to farm gold in due to the addition of Garrisons. So once a character was at max level you spent 5 min doing your garrison stuff, and then had free time.

So between lots of easy gold, and lack of much else to do, I was able to acquire most of the available mounts at the time. Mounts from old raids that have a 1% drop rate, not to hard to get when you run the old raid 10 time a week with all your alts. Mounts from 5 man instances, there again no problem, but even faster because you can run those every day. And of course the ones that you can just trade between players, that is where the garrison's gold comes in. It was a wonderful time. 

Then Legion came out. It was not friendly toward alternate characters. Nor was it a great from gold. So again I left. Came back just last month, friend gave me some time. Not sure if I will stay.

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Just Complaining

My part of the world is shut down again. I never thought the world could be brought to a halt, but damn has it been. Not sure where it all ends. 

I personally am without a job at the moment. Given the current situation, not sure what kind I can find either. I am also very aware I am not alone in this. 

Not the first time I have been without steady employment. Its more the other things I miss. The gym is closed. Anywhere I might find a woman is closed. Can't eat at a restaurant, not even outside. 

Yeah, this has just been me complaining. Well... we have out title.