Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The News.. sort of...

Baltimore is on fire. But apparently Bruce Jenner's sex change is more important to report on. A long time ago on this blog I talked about how news doesn't report on anything important. Seems nothing has changed. I could say more about it that, but it would just repeating myself.

It is just a symptom if a greater problem. The problem is the people. People that don't care about world news, but can't get enough entertainment news. People that sit in a group, but never put down there cell phones. People for who the idea of self is the beginning and the end.

It seems the world has become a horrid place. A place that I have nothing but contempt for anymore. Some men want to watch the world burn, then more of them should put that into action.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Eating at Chili's.

 Chili's a place you go to get just passable ribs. It is never great, but it is inexpensive. However, I recently found out they consider it a burden to take payment in cash.

The other day I went to Chili's. Had a average meal. Then wanted to get the check. The waitress informed me that "you pay using the machine at the edge of the table". She walks away and I look at it.
After a minute or two it becomes clear this is a credit or debit only.

So I signal the waitress over, and explain that I intended to pay in cash. She was clearly pissed and said "Well, I guess we can take cash, if you can't like use a card for some reason". When did taking cash as payment become a burden?

It is likely that I will never return to Chili's. The food is just not worth the attitude.

Sunday, April 12, 2015


The worst part of any franchise is the fan community.

Babies are all somewhat ugly, or at least unpleasant looking.

Most people shouldn't be breeding.

Nostalgia is bullshit.

Cyber-bullying is bullshit.

You are only with them because you can't do better. They are with you for the same reason.

DLC isn't going away.

No one is reading this blog.