Sunday, November 26, 2017

This Year's Black Friday Haul

I don't go to Black Friday sales, at least not when they start. Guess that is actually Thursday night now, but regardless I wait till Friday afternoon. The crowds are gone, but there a lot to find if you are willing to scavenge through the mess.

Most surprising was actually finding a game for the Original Wii still being sold in stores. Just Cause 3 and Mafia 3 were both 12$. Resident Evil 7 came in at 15$. Admittedly I would have preferred to have that Mega Man collection on PS4, but can't argue with that price.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

A way to help teachers.

Before we get started on this subject I want to be clear on a few subjects. First, I was a good student school, and was near to the top of my class. Second, any academic success I ever had was in spite of the educators around me and never because of them in any measure. Thirdly, I realize their may infact exist educators that actually help students, never witnessed it myself, but I concede  the possibly. Forth, I am only speaking about K-12 education. Having said all of that...

Education in the USA has been poisoned. That poison is the teachers we hire to teach. They are not heroes. On average, they spend more time to spread the myth that they are heroes than actually teaching.  They have turned school days in to psychological endurance tests for children, where torture is sadly not too strong a word to describe the situation.

Teacher for the most part spend their time torturing children and lamenting the series of life choices that made them become teachers. The vast majority of them failed at whatever their ambition was, and our now stuck in a second choice they hate. They hate themselves for what they have become and take it out of the child, the poor children.

Now there is good news, most teachers spend a lot of time thinking about suicide. The problem is most of them are far too cowardly to go through with it. The answer is so simple, we just need to give them that extra push they need.

So to every teacher out there, do it, end it once and for all. There are many ways to do it, painless and painful, depending on your level of self hatred. The students will be better off, and so will virtually everyone that is in your life. As a bonus, you will never have to wake up earlier to see the children you so hate. Everybody wins.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Rant on the people of the internet.

There is a thing people on the internet do and it needs to stop. There is a male and a female version of this, but it is ultimately the same behavior just dressed up slightly differently.

The behavior in question is claiming to have a disorder of some kind without any kind of diagnosis for said disorder. They then try to justify whatever it is they are doing with the disorder. This is extremely disrespectful to anyone that actually has the problem they are faking.

This has gotten worse in resent years, as now these same people treat the phrase "I identify as..." as suit of armor whenever they are called on their bullshit.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Tales of the MFer Vol. 1

The following story is sadly true. This happened roughly 10 years ago. 

So we were at a local pizza place. There was myself, and two others, we were getting some dinner. One of them had invited the MFer to join us, he later admitted he didn't think he would actually come. We had been enjoying a conversation about movies, but once the MFer sat down the conversation shifted to something horrid.

It was a story about events in World of Warcraft, which we all played at the time. It seems there was a group of people that were streaming World of Warcraft for charity, they were starting new characters and playing 24/7 till reaching maximum level. He and people he knew on an internet forum had taken it upon themselves to troll the people doing this. They had done this to the point that Blizzard stepped in and stop them, threatening to ban accounts if this continued.

The three of us were stunned, why would someone actively try to harass and hinder a charity? He laughed at our horror, and add that the charity was a children's charity for children in hospitals. The MFer went on to tell us that he and guild felt they had to do this, as the people streaming had not expressly ask them if it was alright to do this event on "their server" (to be clear this was an offical World of Warcraft server and not any kind of private server). He seemed generally to not understand why we didn't find this hilarious and was somewhat angry that we didn't agree that he and his guild "owned" the server.

During his telling of this, we had all tried to change the subject, with him forcing his way ahead with his story. It is also worth noting that despite sharing in our pizza, he paid for none of it, nor for the drinks he ordered. Instead getting a "phone call" he had to take when the check came.