Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Things that need to go away.

Something just need to stop. They get too much attention for what they are bring to the table.

E3. Not so much the event itself, but all the coverage it gets. Video games, and electronic entertainment in general is great, but when E3 rolls around ever website even remotely connected to the video game industry does nothing but cover "news" about E3. E3 is basically just a big commercial, it shows you things to excite you, and entice you, without giving you any real information. As there is no real information, all the coverage of it is either meaningless speculation, or fanboy ramblings.

Adam Sandler and Tyler Perry. Their filmography speak for themselves. Both men have committed crimes against cinema, and against comedy. Both have made far more money than they had any right to. These men must be stopped, we can't allow people with such little talent to be successful. However, we must save their bodies of work, these need to be analyzed and studied to ensure nothing like them can ever happen again.

Blogger ranting about shit no one cares about. These assholes go off on all kinds of subjects no one in their right mind would care about... oh... wait... well fuck...

Monday, June 18, 2012

Customer Service.

Most people have been on both sides of customer service. We all had to deal with an unreasonable customer, a clerk that clearly didn't care, or perhaps just a profoundly stupid individual on either side. The problem on both sides are people that are just complete assholes.

Customer service people are paid to service customers. Many of them are take this the wrong way. Most of them are apathetic, uninformative, and more interested their phones than helping customers. Someone walks up looking for a product from an empty shelf, rather than check for more, they just shrug and say "I guess were out". At least bullshit the guy a bit, walk to the back and count to five, or fake checking inventory on a computer. Don't be so obvious with the fact that you don't give a shit, at least bullshit a little to earn your check.

On the other side there are loud, self centered customers. People that need printer ink, but don't know what kind of printer they have, or what cartridge it takes. People that see a long line, and try to come right to the front of it. Or the real superstars that come in looking for "that thing I saw on TV", but won't give anymore detail about what they want. If you don't know what you need, don't assume anyone can help you find it. Try bring the empty printer cartridge, or getting in the back of the line, or finding out the name of  "that thing on the TV".

We have all been on both sides, at least most of have. The end source of all problem with both sides are people that are exceptionally self-centered, too stupid to ask for what they need clearly, or maybe a lot of people that just don't give a shit. So we need smarter people on both sides, that know the universe is not about them, and maybe we could all put ourselves in the other man's shoes. We just need some sympathy, some courtesy, and some taste.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Song Covers.

Sometimes the same song is done by more than one artist. Often time the original performer  a song will have influenced or inspired another performer. This can lead to this other artist then doing their own version of that song. This can be done several ways, but the best covers show the style and substance of both the original artist and the person or group making the cover. It can also go completely wrong, and have the two version of the song sound almost identical.

Here is an example of  good cover work.



Above are the original Queen version of "Radio Gaga" and the Electric 6 cover. While they are the same song, there is a huge difference in how they are performed. This shows how much a song can change with artists, as they aren't even the same genre of music.

On the other hand, here is a poorly done cover:



Here we see a cover that is nearly identical to the original. The singer on the cover is even going so far as to make is voice sound like the original artist. When doing a cover, an artist should try to make the song their own. What is the point of covering a song just to have be so close to the original.  This only a critique of the cover, not of the song itself. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Security Guards.

You seem them everywhere. They are in shopping centers, at banks, and any large public event. They are people with no real power placed to make the dumbest 5% of criminals think twice, and make the most ignorant of consumers feel slightly more safe. They serve no real purpose, and aren't good for much. It is a job with no real point, that is given to people with no real other option.

The people that work as security guards fall into several categories. First there are the ones that think one day they will become police officers, they won't, but it is good they have a dream. Then we have ones that are just not cut out for anything else, too dumb to operate a register, too clumsy to be a stock selves, too ugly to get by on looks. Last we have the failures, ex cons, dishonorably discharged, dirty cops that got caught, and whatever other breed of loser you can imagine. All three of these groups doing what they do because they aren't bright enough for anything else. They are too dumb to see what ISN'T in their future, too dumb to have avoided getting caught at their first choice, or just too dim for most things period.

Security don't really serve much of a purpose. No one serious about committing theft, or any other crime, has ever been scared off by the presence of a security guard. They have no real authority to do anything. Sure they look something like a cop, kinda, if you don't get a very good look at them. In the end they are space fillers, and having them on the payroll is making every item in the store slightly more expensive.

The average security guard is sad, lonely, and likely suicidal person. You don't need to pay them much attention, but don't openly disrespect them. Instead just steal what you want, and give them a smile. We can always be civil.