Sunday, June 27, 2021

More Ideas for Youtube Videos

1. Delisted. Videos of games that are no longer available anywhere. 

2.  Good idea, bad execution. Sometimes on paper an idea works, but then in practice it does not. 

3. Character I want more of. Self explanatory. 

4. "Hey, enough with _______". Things that need to go away. 

5. Facts games get wrong. 

6. Actually educational games. Not about "educational games", but rather games that can teach you something in addition to being a good game. EVO The Search for Eden comes to mind. 

7. It seems better now. Somethings are not appreciated when they first release, sometimes they look better a few years down the line. 

8. Gaming Controversies. What was controversial? Did it ever really need to be? 

9.  Thinly Veiled. When a game is about something, but really about something else.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

It's Father's Day

 On this holiday do the right thing. Either call your father, wish him well and listen to all of his madness. Or go see him and kick him hard in the crotch. Whichever is more appropriate for the father you have. 

I personally can do neither, my father is dead.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Side Effects of Mmaking Reviews.

 So I have been releasing a game review every Saturday this year. I also started doing other ind of videos every Tuesday. This requires lots of game footage. Even if it isn't a review, you need something to go with the audio. This has lead to one unforeseen side effect. It is harder to just enjoy playing a game. 

 I can record on PC, Xbox 1, and PS4. So I find that if I am playing Switch, Wii U, PS3, or with a raspberry pi, that I think I am wasting time as I have no way to record any of this.  Same deal with playing any handheld system. I know this is an unhealthy attitude to have, as some of what I am playing isn't necessarily suited to being a review or other video, like the two modern Leisure Suit Larry games. However, it just feels like I am being inefficient, a feeling I hate. 

Its also lead me to think I shouldn't buy multiform games on Switch since if I do want to review it, I have no means of capturing the footage. This has already caused me some frustrations. As I bought "Chasm" on Switch before I started making reviews. I want to make a video about the problems of procedurally generated maps in the game, but can't as I can't record the small amount of footage I need to prove my point.

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Ideas for Youtube Videos

1. Best Parts of Bad Games.  The opposite of  "Worst Part of Great Games".

2. Worst Character in a Game. Characters that don't need to exist. 

3. Most Pointless Game Mechanic. Something you need to do once for a mission, and the game tells you can do it more, but then you never do.

4. Video Game Foods I Would Eat.

5. Best/Worst Voice Actor in a Game. Sometimes they are phoning it in, sometimes they just like talent.

6. Best in a Series. There are many long running game series, but what are the highest highs?

7. Which is the Stronger Series. Two series that are similar in many way go head to head.

8. Surprising Cameos in Games. The kind of thing that makes you go "holy crap, it's ..."

9. Most Worthless Weapons.  The ones you just never want to use.