Thursday, December 8, 2011

Good things about Christmas.

If you have been reading posts on this blog you have likely caught on to the fact that Christmas is not held in very high esteem around here. Yes, it is true there is a lot to hate about this time of year, but it can't all be bad. While most of it is bad there are a few things that are at least tolerable.

You get free shit. Yeah, it might sound greedy, but the fact is you get gifts. Might not be what you really want, but you can always return it for some cash. The best of gift are things you want to buy yourself but don't have the cash for, a bottle of good liquor, or some high end electronics. At worst you get cash from returning the item, or get a gift card which is like cash only less useful.

 It is alright to get drunk in front of others. People give you a pass around the holidays if you want to have a few too many drinks. People know depression hits hardest around the holidays and will look the other way if you have a gallon of eggnog or vodka. If you are a holiday drunk no one thinks twice, just as long as you don't let on you are drunk during the rest of the year.

Christmas themed porn. It cums way more than once a year.

So remember, it is not all negativity around here.


  1. I never get gifts!

  2. Presents and drinking, I guess it isn't all that bad.

  3. So, on your patence evermore attending, Following!

  4. Even though it's not nearly as fun since I became an adult, it still is my favorite holiday

  5. Christmas themed porn is a lot less arousing than it sounds. ._.

  6. Haha nice post, laughed reading it. And how bad can it be, presents and alcohol. Never the less I hope you have a happy Christmas.