Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ideas Vol. 4

Yet again it is time for a grab bag of ideas.

1.  Whatever happened to tan lines?

Don't you miss them? Women used to have them, not any more. Where did they go? Why did they fall from grace? I liked to see them, never heard anyone complain about them. Wasn't nice to see that deep baked in brown next to that smooth milky white? Style is cyclic, so sooner or later they should make a comeback. Sadly I could not find a safe for work picture for this.

2. Think Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson are hanging out in hell?

You know they are both there. Or do they keep crack whores and pedophiles separated? Is there perhaps a special celebrity wing?  

3. Church People.

Some people think that if church is involved it makes anything and everything alright. While leaving church a friend of mine got a ticket. He was making a left turn where it was illegal to do so, as it is right turn only out of the church parking lot. He says "I told the cop I was leaving church, and he still gave me a ticket", he doesn't seem to understand that the church part doesn't matter to the cop, or anyone else for that matter. It doesn't matter if you go to church, your still an asshole. 


  1. michael and whitney are definitely chilling out down there, i wonder who will be next

  2. I don't really like women with a tan or tan lines for that matter. If they do then I just think of Jersey Shore and the rest is history.

    Did you know that Whitney Houston supposedly had a hidden sexual preference? Couple that with drugs, family issues and the skeletons in her closet then what a ride it must have been.

    Hell I don't even want to talk about church people, most especially those real hardcore ones.

  3. They're both getting high together.

  4. I like tan lines on women, but real tan lines not that spray on junk