Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A shitty post.

Just took my favorite kind of shit. I call it the "Champagne Shit", no it has nothing to do with drinking champagne. It is where you take a shit where the first part is solid, but then after that it is all liquid shit coming out of you. So it is like when the cork is popped out of a bottle of champagne.

It is a rare kind of shit, that you don't see daily. Might not even see it once a year. However, when it happens, it is going to be a great day.

You might be wondering why I bring up defecation today. Well I had a few day where I could not use my own toilet, or my own shower for that matter. You don't realize the joys of shitting in your own toilet till suddenly you can't do it.

So today, having finally regained full use of my bathroom, I wanted to share with you one of life's simple pleasures, the "Champagne Shit". 


  1. Had that "Champagne Shit" motion 2 days ago, I was holding it for too long - shouldn't have done that.

  2. I once had my bathroom remodelled. It was the only bathroom in the house, so for about 2 days there was nothing in there. It sucked.

  3. I know that shit. :D

  4. That's funny about the champagne shit. Sorry to hear about the bathroom being clogged. Horrible situation to be stuck in.