Saturday, May 31, 2014


These are just a few suggestions for the world. Some of them are small, others not so much. They just might make the world a better place.

1. We ask all the people that are frequently "offended" to grow up. You might not like something, this is no reason to throw a tantrum about it. Your personal values are not universal, and you should not be trying to force them on anyone else. Nothing is "offensive", not objectively.

2. Real sex education. We need to teach people how to fuck. In "sex ed", all you get is some technical shit, and some propaganda about STDs.  We should be teaching people how to fuck, make it so they are less uptight. People would be much happier if there was more high quality sex happening.

3. Three free murders for everyone. Only three. Use them as you see fit. Might make people a bit more polite.

4. If you successfully fight a ticket, you get the cash value of that ticket. Cops would be much more careful about who they gave tickets to. 

5. All countries should have a portion of the government that only works toward eliminating laws. There are a lot of laws, seems like we could stream line the process a bit. This would be the ONLY thing they would do.

6. We treat censorship like what it is... The symbolic equivalent of rape.

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