Thursday, January 19, 2012

Worst Parts of Entertainment.

Entertainment comes in many forms, books, movies, video games, music, and many others. Entertainment can be art, or be made purely to make money, both options are fine and most of it falls somewhere in the middle. However, all forms of entertainment have the same cancers eating away at them however. These are the worst parts of entertainment.

The lack of original ideas that leads to the large number of remakes. Movies are most guilty of this, but video games and musicians are guilty too. When a remake is done right it adds to the original, and gives you something new in old skin, it is something that can be compared to the original and hold its own. A musician can do a cover and put their own style into the song and make something great, a directer can do the same with film. The problem is all the lazy attempts at remakes that come out, cover songs that are identical to the original, movies that are poorly made with a familiar title slapped on it. If you must remake something, at least do it right. Sadly it hasn't been done right in a long time.

Every form of media has its fans. Sadly over time some fans change, a metamorphosis happens and they become fanboys. What causes this tragic condition is unknown, but being seated near one is the number one cause of suicide at entertainment venues. Fanboys are a sad lot, they have developed an obsession and are offended when other don't share in it. If you are wondering if someone you know is a fanboy lookout for the following: endless talking about one subject, large amounts of money spent on things relating to same subject, lack of hygiene, fits of rage when legitimate criticisms are aimed at their obsession.

Entertainment makers should try to target a particular audience. Problems happen when they try to make something for "everyone". When you try to make something for everyone, you in the end make something for no one. Somethings are for children, others for adults, and others for any group that might exist. You need to know who you are making something for, this lets you know what to make. On the rare occasion something transcends audiences and is universal, it is not done on intention, it rather just happens.

So lets ban together to stop these problems. Don't pay to see that remake, get the original off Netlfix. Donate a dollar to help find the cause and cure to fanboyism. Remind any person you know in the entertainment industry to target a single audience. Together we can improve entertainment.


  1. Can't stand when things just get re-hashed... did they really need to release Lion King again in 3d? Blatant cash grab.

  2. 3D Lion King? Why would they do that? :(

  3. I agree! This was a very insightful post. Following!

  4. I say video games are a lot better than movies when it comes to remakes. Resident Evil 1 for Gamecube, Super mario all-stars, various Final Fantasy games, and some others have been excellent

  5. Disney will milk anything now a days.

  6. 3D Lion King? Really? :/
    Some good points you make btw, couldn't agree more.

  7. i like your ideas here and more people need to pull their heads out of their asses and think like this! :)
    change starts with each individual

  8. Lol, so many remakes and adaptations these days it's doing my head in! I believe the golden age of hollywood movies making has gone (was there even one?). i just see these as a marketing attempt, milking every last bit they can get before binning it.

    Not European movies though. I feel they give more to the audience than what American movies do. They hit you hard at the right spot and make you feel it. Just check out "Amelie Poulain".