Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Worst Fake News of 2011.

Happy new year everyone. Before we get into all that 2012 will have to offer we are going to look back at some of the so called news of the last year. All of these items had a lot of time spent on them in the news despite having no real effect on the world at large. Some of these items had a bit of entertainment value, however the news reporting is not about entertainment but rather information about world effecting events.

Casey Anthony and her trail. She is a woman who more than likely killed her own daughter. While that is sad, and certainly worth a passing reference, there was no reason for this to be a nightly story for over a month. She was found innocent, and has gone on to nothing. Such is exactly what should happen, murder, trial, verdict, and drop off the map. The question remains why anyone gave a damn in the first place?

Charlie Sheen, the human train wreck.He is a man that used to make movies, and then made a mediocre television show. His delusions and chemical abuses lead him to being fired. While it was fun to watch him burnout, what he was doing was hardly news worthy. This was something to read about in supermarket tabloids, not something worth seeing on the real news. An actor more famous for his exploits with hookers than for his acting, is now found to have serious drug and alcohol problems, this all leads to him being kicked off TV. Did any of this come as a shock?

Two marriages got a lot of attention on the news. One was the British royal wedding, the other was Kim Kardashian's trying out marriage for a few weeks. Neither of these deserved much, if any, reporting. Prince William is a royal, but why anyone outside of his country cared about his wedding is a bit of a mystery. The US is not a place Prince William will reign over, but he is a world leader (of sorts... more figurehead) so a casual mention on the news is alright, just not the weeks of coverage we gave him. The other wedding was Kim Kardashian getting married to what seemed to be a high functioning retard. She is famous for being rich, and making a sex tape. The sex tape was not with man she married either, this might be part of the reason the marriage didn't go so well.  Either way, who thought it would last, and who cared about a bitchy woman taking a tall mentally challenged man as her husband?

Hopefully this new year will have less fake news. Sadly, it will likely be quite the opposite. Seems like the news gets a little more dumbed-down every year.


  1. Ugh, let's hope for less celebrity drivel in 2012... that might be a bit too much to ask for haha.

  2. Still, the wedding wasnt fake.
    Even if it dosnt touch you, it's a big report.

    In my country I don't give a damn about the election in the US, still it makes some headlines.

  3. I still liked the news coverage about Charlie Sheen. My mom has a huge crush on Charlie Sheen so I grew up watching his movies, and I found the news reports about him intriguing.

  4. Agreed with that 2 "expected" marriages. +follow