Sunday, October 29, 2017

Abortion B-Bortion

It seems to me that antiabortion people shouldn't be trying to stop abortion. Rather these people should be trying to engineer and prefect "re-bortion" technology. This could solve the problem and make everyone happy.

What is "re-bortion"? It is the opposite of abortion. Once an abortion has been preformed, a second willing woman would then have the fetus "re-borted" into her, thus preventing any issue people might have with abortion.

Now of course the antiabortion people (or pro-life as the they like to be called), have not started work on this technology. This is because generally speaking antiabortion people don't have backgrounds in science or engineering fields. So leaders of the antiabortion movement will need to fund education for a few of their followers. Unfortunately education will undoubted make these antiabortion people into pro-abortion people... I think we have stumbled on to why this hasn't happened yet.

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