Sunday, October 22, 2017

"Tales of the MFer", coming soon.

So there was a guy a knew back in the day. He was a truly terrible person. I won't use his name here, instead he will only be refereed to as "The MFer". Sadly, there is a ton of material that can be used.

I am in no way in a position to diagnose psychological problems. I have no level of expertise in that field or any field related. However, I think "The MFer" might be a sociopath, not a violent one, as I never knew him to admit wrong, or have any understanding of why anyone was upset at him.

One might wonder why I have so many stories about him, why I stuck around him for any length of time. Well two things, one his mother was a very nice woman and was aware of what her son was, and two I kind of felt bad for him and hoped to help him. Sadly, there was no helping him, he was willfully a giant douche.

There will be many parts to this series, as there is a depressingly large amount of material to pull from.

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