Saturday, November 4, 2017

Tales of the MFer Vol. 1

The following story is sadly true. This happened roughly 10 years ago. 

So we were at a local pizza place. There was myself, and two others, we were getting some dinner. One of them had invited the MFer to join us, he later admitted he didn't think he would actually come. We had been enjoying a conversation about movies, but once the MFer sat down the conversation shifted to something horrid.

It was a story about events in World of Warcraft, which we all played at the time. It seems there was a group of people that were streaming World of Warcraft for charity, they were starting new characters and playing 24/7 till reaching maximum level. He and people he knew on an internet forum had taken it upon themselves to troll the people doing this. They had done this to the point that Blizzard stepped in and stop them, threatening to ban accounts if this continued.

The three of us were stunned, why would someone actively try to harass and hinder a charity? He laughed at our horror, and add that the charity was a children's charity for children in hospitals. The MFer went on to tell us that he and guild felt they had to do this, as the people streaming had not expressly ask them if it was alright to do this event on "their server" (to be clear this was an offical World of Warcraft server and not any kind of private server). He seemed generally to not understand why we didn't find this hilarious and was somewhat angry that we didn't agree that he and his guild "owned" the server.

During his telling of this, we had all tried to change the subject, with him forcing his way ahead with his story. It is also worth noting that despite sharing in our pizza, he paid for none of it, nor for the drinks he ordered. Instead getting a "phone call" he had to take when the check came.

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