Sunday, November 23, 2014

Things to do on Black Friday

Black Friday is coming. The last thing you should is shop. Instead you should spend a day at home. Relax, and take a breather. There is enough rushing about in daily life without adding more on a day you have off. Do nothing, or at least nothing high stress.

Do some light drinking. Stay home, and have no more than three beers an hour. Just enjoy a day long buzz. Hide your phone before hand to avoid any drunk dialing. We are looking to avoid stress.

Watch some holiday themed pornography. Or if you hate the holidays, watch some of whatever you are into. Or just find some to bang all day long. Seems like some sexual release would do you a lot more good than a cheap HDTV.

Work on that plan you have to get revenge on your enemies. Everyone has one, and most of them need more than a bit of polish. Poor your heart into it. Then you can put your plan into action and hopefully have no remaining enemies by next Black Friday.

Sleep. Catch up on all the back sleep. More then likely what I will be doing.

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