Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Internet Sucks.

All the internet has ever done is piss me off.

Forums filled with douchebags. Mostly the whiny kind. People that claim things are offensive, when very few things actually are. People that want spoiler tags on things that are years old, or really spoiler tags on anything ever. Moderators and admins that are powerless in the real world and need live out power fantasies online. This isn't just one forum, or even some forums, this is every god damn forum in existence.

"News" that is laden with misinformation. Doesn't matter what site. Yahoo, Google, and all others share the guilt on this. Some news stories have half truths, but far more of them are completely fictitious. Some of the names might be right, but the events are so distorted as to be the ramblings of a madman.

Women with fake pictures. I am happy to bang you if you are a 5. I just don't like being lied to about what to expect when we meet. Could you at least lie a little less? If you are a 5 and want to give the impression of a 6 or 7, that is fine. Don't go trying to sell yourself as 10. Keep it in at least somewhat based in fact.

Internet "humor". No meme has ever been funny. Not a single one. Repetition does not make it any better.

Blogs that are just a bunch of bitching... oh, wait... shit.

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