Saturday, March 29, 2014

Pet Peeves Vol 3

Well it seems like it is time for some more hatred directed to the trivial things in this world. Somethings are big, somethings are small, but you know I hate them all. Third time we have done this here, and there is always more to come.

People that drag the cart behind them at stores. People doing this should have their feet cut off. Then they could never do this ever again.

Stephen Colbert. He only has one joke, and it is long past old at this point.

This new breed of troll that pertend to not understand what you are saying.

Fast food fish. Every year for Lent all the fast food place have some kind of fish on the menu. Every year these dishes are just god awful. Fish is just not something fast food places should serve.

Rage quitting people on MMOs. Not everything is going to go your way. Sometimes your character will die. Sometimes internet lag will mess up what you are doing. Unexpected things happen from time to time. Quitting because of it just shows off your true douchebag self.

Ironic user names. If you can't follow simple logic, don't call yourself Sherlock Holmes.

Creationism in the science classroom. Just a problem of location. Creationism would be a fine subject in the philosophy classroom.

People that take their dog everywhere. I know you love your dog. You need to understand that not everyone loves your dog. In fact, some of us hate your dog. Some of us see your dog, and what to skin it alive in front of you.

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