Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pet Peeves Vol 2

It has been awhile now, but the time has come for more generalized hatred toward the world at large. Just a few topics, and some short rants about them. Please enjoy, or if you don't, consider suicide. If you really do, mention me in your note.

People that want to save the world. The world is a shitty place, and not worth saving. Besides, taking part in its destruction is so much more fun. History remembers the bringers of destruction, and quickly forgets the poor bastards trying to save it.

Fast food barbecue. It is congealed grease bathed in an overly  sweet sauce. Real barbecue takes hours of work, and it is worth the time and effort. What fast food restaurants, that isn't even a methadone for the real thing.

Children that say "back in the day". If you are under 30 you are still in "the day".

People that are "offended" all the time. These people need a slow and torturous death. It is on you if you are offended. You make the decision to become offended. In fact if you are truly offended more than once or twice a decade, you are fucking stupid. You are a low functioning retard and you likely should be a ward of the state.

Anyone that can't discern sarcasm. These people should be greatly rewarded.

When you can only get something online. You are a big company, sell your wares in stores. Not everyone want to share their information with you.

Trying to find a place to eat at 3am. The only thing open is Denny's, and that isn't food. Why can't one good steakhouse, or a sushi bar, or a barbecue joint, stay open at night? Is a good meal so much to ask for at odd hours?

People always selling their line of bullshit. No one is buying it. You are a hack fraud and every one with any mental faculties can see right through you. Drop your act and find something real.

Pussy and cock piercing. These don't help anyone. How much do you hate yourself to do this? On the upside, if you are with some that has done this to themselves just imagine the things they will let you do. 

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