Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thankgiving Sucks.

Before we start, two small things. First, happy to say I got over 2000 views on one YouTube video. While that isn't huge in the grand scope of things, it still feel nice to see that when you have only been at it for a few months. Secondly, does anyone know what happened to the Square Alliance website? I suspect the guy who ran it finally just blew his brains out, but I am looking for some confirmation. Alright, personal shit out of the way. Sorry for starting with personal shit two weeks in a row.

On to the usual.

Thanksgiving is a kick in the nuts. It leads to nothing good, and at this point it has lost all meaning. Time

You get a four day weekend, but you end up wasting two of the days, so really you have gained nothing. Thursday is killed by seeing people you hate. Worse you are expected to act like you give a shit about them. Friday is a waste because it is the start of the Christmas season, so you either shop, or avoid doing anything to avoid crowds. At the very least they should the Monday after should be given off too, then you still have three days that wouldn't suck.

You have to see people you hate. Grand parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, honestly even your own parents and siblings are more than somewhat of a drag. You haven't ever really given a shit about any of them, but you have had to fake it all your life. Worst, on Thanksgiving you get nothing for your effort. These people suck, and you have to force conversation and fake interest, and for your efforts all you get is a bad meal and feeling of shame.

The food is never as good as it should be. Seriously, the turkey is always overcooked, dry, and honestly seems more than a bit pasted its prime. Stuffing that is either too wet or burned, and stuffing done right is great, never seen it done right at a Thanksgiving dinner. Underdone potatoes, always to hard and cold in the center. Far too sweet canned cranberry sauce that is all gel and no actual berries. Why do we suffer through this every year?

It is the "official" start of the Christmas season. No... NO... I won't rant about this, I won't acknowledge Christmas's existence till after the false holiday of Thanksgiving is over. You know, do the thing people used to do.

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