Monday, May 28, 2012

The Offender is now on Twitter. Bonus, funny thoughts.

Sorry folks, I am out of town this week. Not much time this week, so this is going be kind of light. As the title says I am now on twitter, The Offender @TheOffenderBlog , please do follow.

A few thoughts to make you laugh however...

They now make Watermelon Sunny D. Is there a joke to make about this that isn't racist? Didn't help that it had a coupon on it for fried chicken when I saw it.

Summer is here, and all the joys it brings. By joys I mean women wearing the bare minimum. There is nothing else good about summer. Maybe the Steam summer sale, depends what is on it.

I hear Alf might get a feature length film. That is what we need more of in cinema, puppets. Really bad looking puppets. He wants to eat your cat, and is furry. A lot of things from the 80's were because of  cocaine, they come back today because of nostalgia... horribly horribly misplaced nostalgia.


  1. I followed you on twitter but I pretty much never use it, so if you send me something I won't see it on there.

    Watermelon Sunny D sounds delicious to me, racist or not. Have to agree, I've seen enough Alf for one lifetime as much as I love him.

  2. Haha, Alf used to freak me out as a kid. Would follow but don't use twitter.

    The watermelon Sunny D with a coupon for fried chicken is hilarious. I wonder who thought of that...hope you enjoy out of town!