Wednesday, September 14, 2011

People we could do without.

There exist different types of people we could do without. This is not about race, or sex, or anything so superficial. These are people no one would miss, annoyances, and wasters of time, and overall useless people. You might know a few, in fact that is almost certain, however without them your life will be better.

1. Fanboys. It doesn't matter what they are into, they think it is a subject on which the world turns, when in reality no one but them (and some forum friends) care about. They come in all shapes and sizes, can be women with a wet spot for reality TV, men that spend all day talking about there favorite sports team, nerds talking about their other life in a MMO, or any number of other things. The common factor is they have allowed the unimportant to take over their lives, and are upset you don't value it as they do.

2. People that "hangout" at work on their day off. It is your day off, why are you here? Do you hate yourself that much? Do you not get enough of this place in the 40 hours you are here already? If you work at a retail store, you get a pass if you NEED something sold there. If you don't have business there, you should never show up other than when you are getting paid.

3. The people that leave stuff on your windshield while you are in a store. Has anything they left on your car ever helped you in anyway? Ever started driving with it on your windshield, it blows off, and a cop pulls you over? There is a similar guy that leaves business cards in your car window, they need to go too.

4. Conspiracy theorists. Sorry, it just isn't as complicated, or secret as you think it is.


  1. This was funny. Very true about the windshield people and the sad thing is there's never a good trashcan nearby.

  2. I remember once I was 'invited' to a conspiracy theorist faction. How offensive