Monday, September 26, 2011

Ideas Vol. 2

Some more thoughts that don't quite deserve there own blog post.

1.  A practical application for an iPad.

It seems like someone should think of one. Most of what they do can be done on a cell phone, so what is the point? Yes the screen is bigger, but it is also more to carry, and it is very delicate. So I would just like something it can do that is a new trick.

2. Honesty about Honesty

We always hear about how lies will get you in to trouble, however honesty will get you in to just as much. Honesty and lies are both needed to get by. Perfect honesty will drive people away from you as most can't handle it. Constant lies will drive others from you as you will get caught in them. Getting along with others is a matter of balancing truths and lies.

3. Question Everything

Whenever your told something, question it. You will say yourself a lot of problems in the long run, if you just take the time to evaluate what you are told. If this idea is new to you, question it.


  1. Good points..... though I'm questioning the validity of all of them.

  2. You do not have to question everything, just think before saying it :P

  3. I already question everything, the never ending skeptic.

    And while I am virtually always honest that won't stop me from using loopholes and half truths.

  4. Honestly, I wish I could question this on an iPad.

    Interesting points and I would actually be interested in reading a more indepth post about each of these topics.

  5. "Perfect honesty will drive people away from you as most can't handle it."
    true to an extent.
    The way I see it, perfect honesty drives away the weak. I am usually very brutally honest, and have found it means I only have strong, independent thinkers around me, who can handle honesty.

  6. I know that feel!!