Sunday, September 12, 2021

Xbox Series X

I would like to get one. Even Microsoft's own store doesn't have them. How does your own store not have them? It is getting close to a year since release. Seems like these should be a bit more common place by this point. 

 It is not a real problem, many worse things in the world than not having a new toy at hand. Still, I am a man that loves gaming. I don't care what on, hand me a fancy calculator and I will figure a way to game on it. 

On several resent game purchases I see a tag letting me know that it contains both an Xbox One and a Series X/S version. I am curious to see how big of a difference it will be. I assume it will vary from game to game. Resident Evil Village will likely have a noticeable difference, while I doubt there will be much to notice on Saints Row the Third.

Some 360 and original Xbox games are also said to be enhanced, but I have never owned a 360 as I didn't have the money for one at the time. Still I have a collection of 360 games due to the backwards compatibility of the Xbox One. Backwards compatibility was the main reason I got an Xbox One, to play the 360 games I had missed.

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