Sunday, September 26, 2021

Mayflash F500 and a Magicboot

So I bought this:

I bought this along with a "magicboot" to use with my Xbox One. I did this because of the lack of options for Xbox compatible arcade sticks. I would have preferred to only have to order one item, but that simply wasn't an option. So I have basically made a makeshift Xbox Arcade stick.

This stick usually works by plugging an official controller into via usb. Doing so will let it work with almost anything. However, having another controller tethered to it at all times is both awkward and cumbersome. The magicboot plugs into the same usb port and takes the place of the other controller.  

This works well, and is a quality stick. I plan to get a bat top for it, and get some art going. Very happy with this. 

I do still want to get a stick for the PS4. I could buy a second magicboot, only in playstation flavor, but I dislike the idea of switching them around. Debating between the Qanba Pearl, and the Hori Real Arcade Pro N. Not sure which direction to go.

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