Sunday, August 22, 2021

Troubles with Video Production

Don't worry, they are still coming on schedual. Finding a game to review is easy. Just go in my collection and pick one. What is hard are the other kind of videos I do. Videos that require more than just a game, but something that is more specific. "Worst Parts of Great Games" is hard to make. As first the game needs to be "great" and second it must have something in it that is either very out of place, or does something to ruin the experience. Depending on the nature of what it is, it might be hard to capture footage. What if it is at the end of a long game? What if it is a glitch that is somewhat common, but not a near 100% chance? Can mean days of effort for a few seconds. There are videos I very much want to make, but require an investment of 60 hours of game to get to what I want. "Delisted" is a problem too. As I need to have a copy of something that is no longer available. Even with a large collection, that can still be a challenge. Worse, is find information on why it was delisted. That might not exist. Sure there are other things to be said, but I would like them to have something other than pure editorial. This is a challenge. I need to find more content to make for Tuesday videos. Saturdays are easy, they are reviews. Tuesdays are hard, they are anything else.

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