Sunday, August 15, 2021

Final Fantasy is terrible at naming things.

 Final Fantasy has a problem with names. First character rarely have real names, and at best have names that could almost be real. It is not just characters, it is spells and items too. It seems to get worse as time goes on. 

In Final Fantasy 7 we had the character "Aeris". Its not "Aeris" any more, now it is the even worse "Aerith". Now back in 97, when the game was first released, I assumed "Aeris" was meant as pun, or hint as to what she was. "Aeris" was the last of her kind, or an "heiress" to her almost forgotten legacy. Once changed to "Aerith", now it is just a gibberish made up name. So it goes from being almost clever, to nothing. 

Then there is how the names of spells have changed. In the early games it was simple and logical, "cure 2" was more powerful than "cure". "Fire 3" was more powerful than "fire" and "fire 2". That stopped at some point. Now it is "Fire" followed by "fira" followed by "firaga", and so forth. It is all just gibberish. Worse as remakes and ports have been made, the older games get retrofitted with this nonsense.

Not all things get worse with time, something just start terrible. In Final Fantasy 8 your characters work for something called "SeeD", that is no typo they put a capital "D" at the end of it consistently. I remember a group of gamers debating how to pronounce that. Was it just meant to be "seed", or was it meant to be pronounced "See Dee". This was shortly after release, so none of them had finished the game yet. So some of them thought that might be a hint that "SeeD" was up to no good, like they were a "seedy" organization. 

It is odd that Final Fantasy has this problem, but other franchises from the same company don't. Dragon Quest doesn't suffer this. Sadly, I know it will never stop. and will just get worse with time.

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