Saturday, April 6, 2013

Ideas Vol. 6

It has been a while since the last time the last "ideas" post, so time to fix that.

1. The ability to send smells over the phone or text message.

Imagine if you could send more than a text, more than a picture. Think about when you are eating some quality food, if you could send out a picture of it that would also capture the delicious aroma. Or on the other end of the spectrum, what if you could send out a truly rancid fart to everyone you know. Think of the great experiences that could be shared with the aid of smell.

2. Poetry for the common man.

How about some poetry an average Joe could relate to? Maybe something about going home, taking a shit, drinking a beer, rubbing one out, and going to bed. Now that would be something for the average man. Or some nice poems about how good that stripper's ass looks? That would be inspirational. How about a poem about all the disappointments of life, but being to much of a pussy to just end it? That would strike a cord with a lot of people.

3. Micro Reviews.

Everyone does long detailed reviews, why not just do short reviews. Just a few sentences. Now this idea I am actually experimenting with. Here is the first attempt. There are more than a few problems with it, but I think the core idea is sound.

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