Sunday, June 13, 2021

Side Effects of Mmaking Reviews.

 So I have been releasing a game review every Saturday this year. I also started doing other ind of videos every Tuesday. This requires lots of game footage. Even if it isn't a review, you need something to go with the audio. This has lead to one unforeseen side effect. It is harder to just enjoy playing a game. 

 I can record on PC, Xbox 1, and PS4. So I find that if I am playing Switch, Wii U, PS3, or with a raspberry pi, that I think I am wasting time as I have no way to record any of this.  Same deal with playing any handheld system. I know this is an unhealthy attitude to have, as some of what I am playing isn't necessarily suited to being a review or other video, like the two modern Leisure Suit Larry games. However, it just feels like I am being inefficient, a feeling I hate. 

Its also lead me to think I shouldn't buy multiform games on Switch since if I do want to review it, I have no means of capturing the footage. This has already caused me some frustrations. As I bought "Chasm" on Switch before I started making reviews. I want to make a video about the problems of procedurally generated maps in the game, but can't as I can't record the small amount of footage I need to prove my point.

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