Sunday, November 24, 2019

Black Friday, Now Starting Thursday.

I might be the first to say Thanksgiving sucks, but I have never said we should ski it. Retailers, feel otherwise. Why have a day off to rest, when you can go to a store and get in a fight over a slightly better sale than usual?

Retailers have been starting earlier and earlier each year. The last few years retailers started opening Thursday night around 8pm or so. This year some are opening as early as 5pm on Thursday, meaning the sun won't even be down yet.

All I ever wanted to do on Thanksgiving was NOTHING. I never wanted to see any extended family. I don't like turkey. I just want to take a real day off. Wake up, hangout in bed watching TV or maybe Youtube these days, eat something good, nap, shower, call it a day. But instead as a kid, I had to go eat a terrible meal, with people I hate. Sure, I could just stay home, enjoy a day of rest, but I do like deals.

So yeah, I will end up shopping. Not for any "door busters" those are a fools bet. Instead I will be after the usual stuff that just happens to get a good discount. At the end I won't be rested, and the next day everyone will wonder why I still look like I need a day off.

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