Sunday, February 10, 2013

More Restaurant "Fun"

Restaurants employees can't seem to keep their stories straight. If you are going to tell a customer "no", and then give a reason, keep that reason straight. Nothing is worse than being caught in a lie, least of all by someone that will/might give you money.

Polly's Pies sent out a flyer advertising, among other things, strawberry rhubarb pies being on sale. That is a tasty pie, so seeing it on sale is nice. However, when going into get the pie things went poorly. The cashier says "Were all out, um... we don't make that pie any more, and ah that sale ended like ah um a week a go", sadly that is an exact quote. Well which is it? Are they sold out, or do they not make it anymore? The two are more than somewhat mutually exclusive. The reality it, this person didn't want to go get the pie. Normally I like apathy in a person, but this time it seems to be working against me.

With the last month or so Carl's Jr started selling a cod sandwich. Not my kind of sandwich, but a person I was eating with wanted one. The cashier didn't seem to understand what the cod sandwich was, much less that they are being sold at this restaurant. They sandwich which was ultimately made it to the table was not cod, not grilled, and from what I am  told not very good. Shouldn't the people that work at a restaurant know what is on the menu? Or at least speak English? Seems both were problems on that day.

When did not giving a shit about your job become alright? When did everyone just give up? Well it seems we have started the down a bad path, and there is no turning back. Worst part is, I got no pie.

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