Sunday, October 24, 2021

Gaming Woe.

 Do I am a gamer. Lately, it isn't going great. Trouble finding old games. Trouble finding the right controller for newer systems. When did gaming become such a pain in the ass?

Been trying to find some PSP (Playstation Portable) games I missed at the time. This has two problems. First finding a shop that still sells them at all. Second, the prices they want are getting ridiculous. One game I was trying for was Persona 1, the PSP had a remake of it. At one shop the clerk says they had one that sold for 17$ back in August. That price seemed good, just need to wait. Then the clerk says "that if they get another copy it would be 120$". How does the price of a used game go up 100$ in two months?The demand for PSP games cannot of spiked that much. 

Meanwhile I am looking for a joy-con alternative for the Switch. I have the Hori Split Pad Pro, and that great for most handheld mode gaming, but some games require gyro control and they don't have that. With joy-con drift being a thing, I don't want to use them at all. I see many options on Amazon, but I have no real way of knowing which are good, or even really have a gyro for motion control.

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