Saturday, September 21, 2019

School Drills.

A child of a friend of mine told me that his school is doing drills for what to so if there is a gunman on campus. The odds of that being useful seem rather slim, but it is in school, so I guess it is a fitting place for a pointless task. It made me reflect on the amount of time that was wasted on fire and earthquake drills when I was a boy.

As a child in California, we did earthquake drill a lot. Never mattered. I knew as a child any quake big enough to actually cause damage to the building would likely kill the students too, but at least an earthquake felt like a real threat. It was wasted time. but was better than most of the "education" going on.

Fire drills were another time waster. Never felt like a real threat. Even if part of the school was on fire, odds were that it wouldn't be big enough to effect the whole campus. Always kind of hoped for a fire, as I would of said to hell with doing what the drill had taught, and just ran off campus and back home. If the fire had been in the classroom I was in, I did have a fantasy of trying to kneecap the teacher to leave them in the fire. Not that I would have done it... really.

It all makes me look back at school and wish just one person would have been honest with me. Just once to have had a person tell me that "none of this will matter". I might of found ways to enjoy school. As it was, it was 8 hours a day of psychological torture from the age of 5 to 18.

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