Sunday, February 17, 2019

Crackdown 3 and Far Cry 5

So I started playing two games on the same day: Far Cry 5 on the PS4, and Crackdown 3 on XB1. These games have a surprising amount in common, which I really didn't expect.

They are both sandboxes centered around freeing parts of the map to take on the lieutenants of an "evil" organization. How do you free parts of the map in both games? Killing NPCs. Go to place, remove all the NPCs in it, and it is now yours. This is the main activity in both games, while one allows for more stealth, and the other for more direct assaults, both are possible in both games.

Both games handle vehicles in deeply flawed ways. In Crackdown 3 they serve virtually no purpose, as the player character has more speed and mobility when on foot. In Far Cray 5, you can start flying a plane with literally no speed build up or runway.

NPCs characters are often around to "help" in both games. And in both games, they never really seem to actually do anything. They show up, they are firing their guns, but none of the opposing NPCs ever seem to be killed by their actions. Making the inclusion in both games pointless.

Evil organizations have taken over the maps of both games. One is a morally corrupt business, the other is a religious cult. I guess both could be described as Apple.

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