Thursday, December 26, 2013

Last post this year.

Well this is the end of the third year of this blog. It is great that there are readers that come here every week. Lets not end the year on a negative note. Instead, lets be a little positive.

Long term readers of this blog will know that we are not generally kind to Christmas here, so lets talk about the good parts of the holiday season. In fact lets have a top ten of good things about this time of year.

10. My mothers banana bread. I know only I get to enjoy, but still I love it.

9. Seeing the smiles of friends as they open gifts.

8. Giving a little cash to charity.

7. Reconnection with those you are estranged from.

6. Steam sale.

5. Cheap candy the day after Christmas.

4. Shopping violence.

3. Suicide rates go up. Always gives me hopes that one of my enemies will end it all.

2. Hearing the wistful stories of holiday drunks.

1. Being incredibly grateful to not be working retail this holiday season.

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