Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ideas Vol. 7 Laws Edition

Here in the USA we live in a land of laws. There exist laws and ordinances for virtually every facet of life. However, it seem that some of these legal concepts are a bit one sided, and should be balanced just a little better.  Here are just a few ideas along this line of thought.

1. Drunk Driving.

Not everyone reacts to alcohol the same way. Yet, everyone is held to the standard of ".08". So, how about a test to determine what the limit for each individual would be. Lightweights might be unsafe to drive after only one beer; whereas some people might be alright to drive after chugging a 5th. Then on each person's license it would have a mark to denote where the limit was for that individual. This wouldn't be permanent, as the drunk testing would be done each time the license came up for renewal.

2. Taxing Churches.

Every business and individual pays taxes. That is all but one, the business of selling faith pays no tax. It is time they anted up. Churches take in billions of dollars, and it is all tax free. This should stop. Not just for the revenue it would generate, but also because churches hold sway over how their members will vote. If churches want a say in politics, then they should pay just like everyone else.

A piggy bank long overdue to be emptied.

3. Having children.

In some parts of the US in order to have an abortion, a woman must watch an abortion being preformed. While the merits of this are highly debatable, it is the way it is some places. That being said, turn about about is fair play. So in order to go ahead and give birth a mother should have to sit in a restaurant and eat a meal surrounded by screaming, crying, and hyper children. This would lead to a lot less children being birthed. Why should we act like giving birth is any better than terminating a birth? Both are fine options, and should be treated equally.

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