Sunday, July 14, 2013

Resent News Items.

These are just my reactions to some resent, and somewhat resent, news items.

Zimmerman got off. Not much of a surprise. If not for the media coverage it likely would of not gone to trial. There is a lot of emotional arguments for why he should of been found guilty, but the law is about the facts not about the emotion surrounding them. Was justice done, don't know, we have a "legal system", not a "justice system".

Kim Kardashian had a baby. Why is this treated as news? Also, why isn't the baby named "Kunt"? Anyone want to take bets on what age this child will enter rehab the first time? Wonder which parent it will take after, the media whore of marginal talent, or the media whore of no talent.

The Steam Summer Sale is on. I am a man of no faith, I am not a patriot, nor do I possess a strong connection to family or any group of people. So when Steam has a sale it is like Christmas, Thanksgiving, the fourth of July, Saints Patrick's day, and Easter, all rolled together. You might not get it, but at least it isn't forced on you like some other holidays I could name.

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