Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hookers for the Handicapped.

Sex sells. Some people make a career out of selling sex one act at a time. Among these people, doing god's work, are those who specialize in one thing or another. A few of them are specializing in servicing the handicapped.

The term "handicapped" is a rather loose term. When used here are they just referring to cripples and the wheelchair bound, or do they also mean the mentally handicapped? Is it all unlucky solders, or is it also an adult version of the kid with the helmet we all knew? Do they really take any handicapped? Are people in "iron lungs" welcome? 

What leads a hooker, whore, or prostitute to specialize in the handicapped? Is it just that "no" really does mean "no" when your client is in a wheelchair? Are handicapped people just a lot less work to get off? Or does the fixed income of the disabled make them a reliable "John"? It really must be nice to know they worked you into their limited budget.

Do cops have special sting operations just to find the handicapped that are soliciting sex? If they do, do the handicapped go in the same holding cells as everyone else? Or does a special holding cell exist with a handrail around the perimeter? Do they put a wheelchair bound man in handcuffs, or do they have a "Denver boot" for the wheelchair?

Does the reverse of this exist? Are there wheelchair bound whores, for dudes in to that? Are there in fact dudes into something like that? Do they call themselves "Handi-whores"?

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