Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Bank

Banks used to be very different places than they are today. Once they were nice, classy, places you went to manage your money and get help concerning your money. Today they are a rather bad experience. This is due to several factors.

First, there is the service. The problem being that they do not want to give you any service. Tellers at the bank don't want to help, they would rather inform you that "You know, you can do this online". While it is true that most things banking related can be done online, you are already at the bank when you are told this. Clearly you had a reason to come it. Also, if no one ever came in, the teller wouldn't have a job. So isn't pointing out online banking really a bad idea for a teller?

Another sign of bad service is the "greeter". This is someone that says hello, and then tells people that someone else will be right with them. These "greeters" are dead weight. There are times when only one teller window is open, and there is a long line for it, and the greeter just stands there rather than opening another window. What the is the point of paying this person?

"Can we interest you in..." No, no you can't. Might of heard you out had you not made it so clear you would rather I do my banking online. How about next time someone comes in for help you act interested in helping? Then maybe someone will give a damn about your sales pitch.

Maybe Bonnie and Clyde had the right idea about what to do once inside a bank. Seems like if more people did that, the banks might treat their customers a bit better. Just a thought.

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