Saturday, June 11, 2011

Internet Reviewers.

The internet allows anyone to find a place to express their opinions on any topic. Some people use this as a tool to become reviewers and critics of different forms of media. These can come in many forms, a blog (not unlike this one), a talking head video, or something far more complex. However, there is a subset of reviewers and critics that tend to half-ass it a bit.

The subset I refer to are the ones that only talk about things which they know are bad going in. They do he worst movies, the worst games, books, television, and so forth. This is lazy, it is easy to take something that is known to be horrid, and say why. It is much harder on the other hand to take an unknown item and then give us a review. If you always review the bottom 10%, half your work is already done for you.

I know many of these kind of reviewers can be successful in what they do. I bare no ill will toward them. It would just be nice if they would try a little harder, and throw a curve once in a while.

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